What a year 2015 has been.  We’ve seen organizations, heavily invested in SaaS, call it quits.  We’ve seen Microsoft dominate the Cloud market, yet neglect the Channel.  We’ve seen Apple, Google, Facebook and the likes make major announcements, major mergers and acquisitions, and today we read that 2016 is the year of the Cloud.  Wow. Where to begin.  We thought the year of the Cloud was like, 5-years ago?

As many of you know, VDC has made some major strides in 2015, and with the Channel and critics on our side, 2016 will be nothing short of a bang-up year.  2015 wasn’t an easy year for anyone. Navigating the transitions, merging of technologies and business practices alongside a workforce that is in a battle for notoriety (“leave a mark” vs. “make a mark”) left many people questioning which direction is the right direction.

Thankfully for us that meant one thing, start building.  Build faster. Fall down; get back up. Understand the market before beginning the chase. Build something better. Develop a user experience and ease-of-doing business that Partners can’t pass up.  Do it faster, do it better, make it competitively affordable, and do it now.

Welcome to 2016.  A year VAR Dynamics becomes CloudPlus, More than a Marketplace; the world’s largest, click-to-provision SaaS delivery platform that develops no services.  A year where old infrastructure retires and ease-of-consumption becomes the standard.  A year where the Telco meets the MSP.  A year where selling and marketing the Cloud is second-nature.

Welcome to 2016.  A year where CloudPlus disrupts the market with a user experience and culture that people and the Channel can get excited about.

There is so much to look forward to.  Check out last year’s flashback and this year’s roadmap.  Join us as we make this year one for the books. Oh, and if you remember anything, in the words of Tony



Everything from new pricing, the latest platform release, a catalog of new services and a control panel full of new features and functionality, 2015 was nothing short of a lot of work. Now the fun starts.


With the hard part behind us let’s look forward to rewarding Partners, launching benefit programs, private-label billing and support and new services spun up in as little as nine days. Oh, and that little disappointment everyone knows as a Marketplace?  Wait until you see what we have in store for you. Check out our ROADMAP for the full monte!


Be on the look out for our brand announcement, updated Website and more.  Also, be sure to download our latest brochures including one specifically dedicated to the very things our Partners have said about our tranformation.