WHY PARTNER? 2017-05-31T15:15:35+00:00

Why partner with CloudPlus? As you see repeated in our delivery, CloudPlus is channel-developed, channel-driven, and channel-focused. Unfortunately, the value in channel-only has been commercialized so let’s put it this way: partnership for us means more than eliminating the ability to sell direct. It means:

  • We reward the active partners via our ActivePartner™ program.
  • We provide enablement tools to help you market and sell as a value-add.
  • We have dedicated support and channel management so you’re receiving unique answers to your business needs.
  • We listen. Many of our integrations have been recommendations from our Partners.
  • We continue to innovate on your behalf.

Why Partner

Our differentiation isn’t in our commoditized hosted services, it’s finding ways to assist our partners in being successful selling hosted services with things like:

  • Our ActivePartner™ & SuperPartner™ programs
  • No set-up fees or upfront costs.
  • Private-label support and billing.
  • Net-60 Billing so you get paid first.
  • Go to market under YOUR BRAND, to YOUR CLIENTS, and keep YOUR REVENUE.

We believe we’ve simplified and automated SaaS – an offering that’s been over-complicated. And, we’ve done so with consideration to all of your business units: Operations, Sales, Marketing, Service and Administration.

Technology needs are changing – quickly. Grow with a company that’s built to accommodate these changes through agility, autonomy and scalability. Grow with CloudPlus.