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Our modest beginnings didn’t happen in a garage or in a college dorm room. They began in a place our competitors hadn’t yet started to conceptualize…in the cloud.

A concept derived from an established technology organization that saw little opportunity was capitalized on by founder and CEO, Tony Francisco, who was questioned by senior executives for thinking too far outside the box.

Tony built VAR Dynamics, formerly known as The Message Center, now known as CloudPlus, with a single server rack and the idea of offering hosted services through the channel at a palatable and predictable monthly cost. Today we’ve grown into a known disruptor in the hosted services world with a unique viewpoint.

Uber dominated the ride-sharing industry by creating a platform that enabled the customer to drive their experience. Facebook reinvented social media by creating a platform that empowered the users with control of their content feed. Airbnb eclipsed the vacation rental market by creating a platform that put the keys in the customers’ hands. CloudPlus saw what the rest of the software distribution industry missed — the end user is key — and we have developed our platform entirely around the end-user experience.

Our Company

Quick Facts:

  • 2004: Launched as The Message Center, the 4th ever Hosted Microsoft Exchange Provider
  • 2008: Transitioned from The Message Center – a b2c company – to VAR Dynamics – a b2b company focused on MSPs
  • 2010: Ventured outside the MS stack to add services like Zimbra & Smartermail
  • 2015: Rebranded as CloudPlus – a Hosted Distribution Services Platform with a focus on one username & password for all services
  • 2018: Launch of CloudPlus 2.0

A Company of Firsts:

  • First in the industry to provide a web-based BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) provisioning and de-provisioning service through a web-based control panel
  • First private-label hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 solution
  • First hosted Microsoft Exchange provider to offer Zimbra
  • First hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM provider to integrate with Scribe
  • First to offer NotifySync as a hosted offering
  • First hosted Microsoft Exchange provider to offer separate pricing based on mailbox access levels
  • First Microsoft Exchange host to offer both a server-side and client-side authenticatable API
  • First hosted services provider to allow partners to provision new customers instantly