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Job one at CloudPlus has been and will always be about partner support. In order to do so, we have refined and integrated our support models to accommodate our world-class services and your growth. Because of that, taking care of our partners is ingrained in our DNA.

The following will showcase how we’ve armed ourselves with the knowledge-base and advanced technical support to assist and guide your customers down the path of resolution.

CloudPlus is proud to offer our partners a multi-tiered support model. This provides customizable services according to our partners’ individual needs. We also provide multiple contact avenues including web, phone, and email. Our model includes:



Complete Support (private-label)

Support your customers without the hassle of dedicating time and resources required of your staff.  Partners utilizing our COMPLETE Support package spend more time working on proactive needs as opposed to reactive requests.  This is partner-branded support provided by CloudPlus direct to the customer on behalf of our Partners.


  • 24 x 7 x 365 Access
  • USA-Based Phone, Web and Email Support
  • Extensive Knowledge-Base
  • Service Site Syndication
  • Network News Feed
  • Migration Assistance

Under our COMPLETE Support option Partners receive interactive, private-label phone, web and email collaboration.  This gives you full-access to a customer-facing, branded support-site and branded knowledge-based articles.  Our CloudPlus Team also answers all support as you.

Basic Support (partner)

In the event you would prefer to provide your own support for your customers, we enable you to do so.  This is provided by the Partner supported by CloudPlus.  This means that the Partner troubleshoots all tier-one support requests and CloudPlus is only utilized as a point-of-escalation.


  • 24 x 7 x 365 Access
  • USA-Based Phone, Web and Email Support (Ticket required)
  • Extensive Knowledge-Base
  • Network News Feed
  • Migration Assistance

Under our BASIC Support option Partners receive escalated tickets and access to our knowledge-based articles. Our CloudPlus Team also answers all inquiries as CloudPlus.

**Both options are managed by our internal ticketing system which allows our teams to efficiently track and communicate status and resolution of any open inquiry.

**Partners can also access general suppport@cloudplus.net

Ensure a positive experience for you and your customers. Utilize CloudPlus Support!

Support Just For You

Please reference your onboarding information. If you do not have this information, please send an inquiry to support@cloudplus.com, and someone from our channel management team will be happy to help you.

All CloudPlus partners have the ability to private label their control panel. We offer a couple of feature options our partners can take advantage of. These customizations can be made in the BRANDED section within your control panel. If you need assistance logging in and/or with the customizations, please contact support@cloudplus.com, and we’d be happy to help.
Please note: CloudPlus does offer administrative controls. If you do not have rights to the BRANDING section of your control panel, please contact your administrator for rights.

  1. To begin, you will need to access your Partner Control Panel. Using any web browser, navigate to my.securembox.com.
  2. To create a new customer account, select the Create New Customer link under My Customers.
  3. The Create New Customer panel will generate and contain three tabs. Under the Step 1 tab, fill in the require information to create the customer account.
    1. Customer Name: The business name of the customer.
    2. Primary Domain: The registered domain of the customer.
    3. User Display Name: This is the Display Name of the user that will automatically be created when the account is first provisioned.  This primary contact user will also be provided administrative rights to the control panel.
    4. User Login Name: This is the login primary E-mail address or UPN that will be used by the primary contact user.
    5. Password: The customer admin password. A phonetic password can be generated by selecting the Generate Password symbol.  This password will also be set for the default user created upon provisioning the customer account.
    6. Retype Password: Confirm your password.
    7. Alternate Email: Contact email of the customer account contact. This address will be used to receive all Welcome Letters.
    8. Send Letters: By default, this feature is set to “ON”. This feature will generate and send the new customer account login.  Information to the primary contact email address reflected within the Alternate Email field.
  4. After selecting Next>>, you can now enter the general customer contact information. This information is optional and can be added after the customer has been created. However, this information is reflected on the generated Welcome Letter as well as the Account Information window and should be filled in completely. Hit Next to continue.
  5. Step 3 is a summary of all the information you have added up to this point. We recommend validating all information has been entered correctly before selecting Create New Customer.

You have now completed the Customer creation process. Welcome letters will now be sent to the customer’s primary address.

All partners can access the Knowledge Base articles by logging into their Control Panel: My Menu >> Support Site. If partners would like customer-facing content, they can activate this feature in Partner Configuration >> Support Site Syndication

Absolutely. All of our partners are given the opportunity to private-label all features and functionalities within their control panel, including our KB Articles. Our Private-Label capabilities are easy. By simply updating the branding section of your control panel under Partner Configuration, your KB articles will automatically be updated with your logo and color selections.
Please note: Accessibility and feature add-ons are dictated by your Partner Level. Please visit our Partner Programs page for more information.

You can always reach us via support@cloudplus.com. We offer 27 x 7 x 365 email and phone support.
IMPORTANT: Please remember CloudPlus does not directly support our Partners’ customers UNLESS the Private-Label Support plan is being utilized.